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How It All Began

Liz, an accomplished writer, and devoted mother; Lukas, a photojournalist and advocate for underserved populations. We met like many New Yorkers, on a rainy Fall afternoon at a Brooklyn coffee shop. We sat outside drinking coffee and talked about our dreams, past lives and what inspired us.  We then, walked to an old cinema in the pouring rain.  Our connection was immediate, most would certainly say, it was love at first sight. We connected quickly and deeply on our desire for building a family business together based upon creativity and love, words and images, city and our love of the mountains. 

Our Vision

The concept of L+L Candles came to us on Valentine’s Day and then, evolved from our kitchen in Brooklyn, NY with our two daughters by our side. Our dream is to one day help empower and employ survivors of domestic violence to be some light amongst the struggle.  


Please follow our continued story…

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